If you have installed Torlys Smart Floors products in your project, you can use entry-way (non-skid cotton) mats to capture tracked-in-dirt and soil, but clean them regularly and avoid rubber or fiber-backed mats which may stain the floor finish.

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A floating floor is a floor that you do not need to adhere to your subfloor. There is no messy glue, chemicals or nailing required.

The Uniclic® joint is a revolutionary system for installing floating flooring without using glue. Torlys Smart Floors has engineered an improved Uniclic joint, that when paired with ultra stable core and high quality construction, provide the most stable fit while also reducing gapping, warping and cupping.  This patented system allows you to click the floors together either at an angle or horizontally. The joint is gap resistant and can be re-used several times.

Torlys Smart Floors utilize a high density fiber core. This is higher quality core compared to the popular medium density fiber core. It yields a more dense and stable floor as well as 10% lower expansion rate when submerged in water.

Torlys flooring can be installed very quickly and easily with the right installation supplies which include a saw, hammer, tape measure, pencil and the free installation kit that comes with your floor.  Installation videos are also available to walk you through the steps.

You can use glue and/or nails to install a Torlys floor, however it is not required and it will limit your ability to use the Torlys Bulldog® replacer in the future.

Please note: the Torlys Largo Laminate collection should never be glued or nailed, it should always be installed as floating floor. Click here for more installation information.

The only flooring product that required an underlayment in the Torlys Largo laminate product.  When you check out you will be prompted to order this product along with your floor, as it is not available in a local retail store.   

All other Smart Floors are equipped with a cork backing and only require plastic sheeting for installation.

Yes, the warranty varies by product. Review the warranties here.

We always recommend a certified installer, but many clients opt to install the Torlys flooring on their own.  There are many helpful instructional videos and installation guidelines available to assist though this process.

All Torlys flooring have been tested, and passed, the required of the State of California Department of Public Health Services Standard Practice for Testing of Volatile Organic Emissions from various sources using small scale environmental chambers, also referred to as California Section 01350.  This is one of the most stringent VOC emission related regulations in the world.  For any wood based product to be used in schools and office, in California, they must first meet the requirements of the CA Section 01350.  These floors are all Floor Score ® certified.

Torlys flooring can be installed over radiant heated subfloors.  Carefully follow the instructions of the radiant heating system being installed, and ensure the surface temperature of the subfloor does not exceed 80°F (27°C).  To read more click here <hyperlink to resource>.

This installation tool allows you to replace any plank in your floor, even if its in the middle of the room. There are no power tools required, so it can be done with minimal dust, disruption and noise.

To keep your floors clean and looking beautiful follow these guidelines

  • Dust mop (with a non-treated, clean mop) or vacuum regularly to remove loose soil and wipe up spills quickly with cloth or sponge.
  • Clean as required with TORLYS Natural Glow® Eco-Friendly Cleaning Kit.
  • Only use TORLYS maintenance products. Never use wet mops, highly acidic or alkaline cleaners, non-recommended commercial cleaners or polishes, or a treated mop that has been used to clean other floors or furniture.
  • Use floor-protector pads on furniture feet. Protect your floor from hard castors on moveable furniture.
  • Use caution when wearing high heels as they can dent TORLYS EverWood. Keep your pet’s nails trimmed.
  • Simply vacuum or sweep as needed, and clean them with the Torlys Natural Glow Eco-Friendly Maintenance Kit available here.

Yes, as a floating floor, Torlys products can be installed at, above or below grade and in any room of your home.  When installing Torlys laminate flooring an underlayment is required, learn more here.

Microban is an additive incorporated into the Torlys cork backing to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

No, but every Torlys floor comes with a wear warranty. Please click here for the warranty.

The Everwood Premier vinyl collection is 100% waterproof.

ATCC testing was done on Torlys leather flooring. It is given a gray scale rating of 4, on a scale where a 5 rating is negligible or no change in color, a 4 rating is a slight change.