Wide Plank Floors & Radiant Heat

Dreams Really Do Come True.

Are you dreaming of warm toes and wide plank floors?  There are very few suppliers or flooring manufacturers that offer flooring which is suitable for radiant heat, but www.smartfloorstore.com offers Torlys floating flooring that works great with a variety of radiant heat systems.

Why Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat is one of the most popular subfloor systems today. There are many different varieties of radiant heat systems being installed in residential and commercial spaces all around the world.  The appeal of radiant heat stems from many things:

  • System efficiency
  • Aesthetics (no radiators, baseboard)
  • Air quality
  • Comfort

Radiant Heat is especially popular when you consider hard surface flooring as these products tend to be quite cold underfoot on their own. Radiant heat provides greater comfort underfoot whether you are relaxing in the living room or preparing a meal in the kitchen.

Most of the time your builder or architect can recommend and help you select the right radiant heat system based on your construction needs.   Your options can vary depending on whether you have a new home project or a renovation since the radiant heat system you choose interacts with your subfloor height.

Why SmartFloorStore.com?

Not all flooring is created equal when it comes to installation over radiant heat.  In most cases, hard surface flooring like tile, marble, granite or stone is going to work fine over radiant heat (always be sure to check with the flooring and radiant heat manufacturer to verify this), but when it comes to other styles of flooring it pays to do your homework!

The flooring we offer at SmartFloorStore.com is made by Torlys Smart Floors, a 25-year old business who has engineered unique, durable, and stable flooring lines that redefine what it means when we say “high-quality”.  Each floor is made to such exacting standards that they are virtually dent, stain and scratch resistant; they are gap-free; they are floating floors and thus requires no nails or glue.  As if this wasn’t enough to make you love it, they are compatible with most radiant heat systems.

Engineered with a Purpose

Torlys Smart Floors are truly engineered with a purpose.  From the CorkPlus® underlayment, the ultrastable core, patented Uniclic Joint®, and proprietary finishing systems … wide plank engineered flooring doesn’t get much better than this.

You will even find a comprehensive warranty for all Torlys Smart Floors.  Click here for more information.

Help is a Phone Call Away

Are you considering wide plank flooring for your project? Do you have radiant heat? Get in touch with us if you have any questions and speak with a smartfloorstore.com Flooring Specialist.

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