1. Most durable floor in the industry

    • Engineered for extreme traffic conditions
    • Uniclic joint 800 lbs of holding pressure eliminate floor separation
    • Dent resistant HDF core, or WPC core provides hardest core in the industry (compare to white oak)
    • Thick commercial finishes on all hardwood
    • LVT is protected by 20mil commercial wear layer compared to industry standard 6mil
    • Water resistant (LVT waterproof)
    • Up to 35-year warranty
  2. Most Stable Floating Floor in Industry

    • HDF core 75% more stable than alternative core structures
    • Uniclic joint 800 lbs of holding pressure eliminate floor separation
    • LVT engineered with waterproof eliminating all expansion and contraction
    • LVT has enhanced temperature range allowing for greater application possibilities
  3. Built in noise reduction

    • 1/8” built-in cork underlayment reduces decibel level by 65%. Meets requirements for nearly all multifamily construction, ideal for townhouse
  4. Best in class product for a healthy home

    • Torlys is the only floor to include Microban in a built-in the underlayment. Microban is the leading producer of anti-mold and mildew
    • Cork naturally mitigates mold growth
    • Floor Score Certified
    • Meets most stringent indoor air quality standards in the industry
    • Exceeds all the formaldehyde
    • Many parts are recycled
  5. Reduce installation costs by 50% (when compared to no floating prefinished floors)

    1. No glue. Floating floors do not require attachment to existing underlayments.
    2. No nails. The uniclic joints hold the planks together and in place eliminating the need for fasteners
    3. No sanding. Your floor will come prefinished and ready to live on.  No additional steps required
    4. No underlayment. All floating floors requires the purchase of a separate underlayment, but Torlys has taken the next step and built the underlayment into every plank.  With exception of the Largo Laminate, all floors have a layer of the highest quality cork adhere to the back of every plank, eliminating the need for expensive underlayments.
  6. Easiest floor installation available

    1. Uniclic joint has tightest tolerance in the industry guaranteeing the tightest fit and movement free installation. Your floor will be gap-free.
    2. Uniclic joint can be fastened by starting at an angle or while laid flat, eliminating the need for modifying joint and using adhesives at the edge of the room
    3. HDF core withstands installation process reducing damage boards that result in poor fitting edge joints
    4. No glue, nails or sanding required
    5. Universal applications. Above, below  and at grade or on radiant heat, Torlys structure gives you peace of mind in all applications
    6. Can be used over any subfloor.
    7. Installation kits available
    8. Instructional video available
    9. 5-1 accessory simplifies all transitions and reducer
  7. Most authentic visual

    1. Grain impressions in laminate and LVT properly align with underlying visual, creating the most realistic visual and feel in the industry
    2. Matching accessories for all transitions and reducers (5 in 1 trim accessory)
    3. Simple solutions to create matching treads and riser resulting in the ultimate cohesive feel for any room
    4. Extremely large investment in photography for laminate and LVT floors, creating the crispest, realistic images for every visual
    5. Very wide and long planks available reduce the distraction of seams in the floor
    6. 4 side ease matches face appearance versus painted ease on many products which highlights the visual appearance of the seams throughout the floor
    7. Dramatic reduction in the appearance of repeating planks. Largo laminate has 64 unique visuals vs most laminate floor where planks repeat every 5-6 boards
  8. Easiest long term maintenance

    1. Proprietary Bull Dog™ tool allows for simple and immediate replacement of individual boards in the middle of ANY room without removing furniture. Many competitive floors require removal and reinstallation of the entire floor
    2. Universal touch up kits
    3. Maintenance kit included with every order
  9. All of floors available to ship in less than 7 days